Junk Buster

Away with junk mail

Junk Buster is a widget that allows you to quickly contact three different opt-out schemes for junk mail and to cancel the delivery of the Yellow Pages, Thomson Local Directory and/or BT Phone Book. Please see the FAQs and Read me page for more information about the Junk Buster widget.

The Junk Buster widget requires Flash Player version 9 or higher. If the device you're using to view this page can handle Flash you can Download the latest Flash Player from the Adobe website.

Important notices

Mailing Preference Service refusing co-operation

The Direct Marketing Association has decided you're no longer allowed to request an opt-out form for the Mailing Preference Service. Junk Buster therefore no longer sends opt-out requests to this opt-out service. There would be little point in doing so; your request would simply be ignored.

The official reason for the ban on opt-out forms is a desire to save paper. I have pointed out to the Direct Marketing Association that each opt-out form is likely to save up to 80 pieces of paper per year (a very decent return on investment) and that they could use an electronic form. Unfortunately, the junk mail lobby group never responds to such suggestions. If you want to sign up to the Mailing Preference Service you'll have to do so via the official web site.

It's worth mentioning that you can still get an opt-out form for the Direct Marketing Association's Your Choice Preference Scheme. Despite the junk mail lobby's group desire to save paper it's still not possible to register with this service without completing a paper registration form.